Heavy snow, feeling light


Bellingham, WA is frequently rated among the “most livable” cities in the nation. Recently, however, it topped a list of cities for something that it may not want to put on the brochures.  My town absorbs the least amount of sunshine of any city in the lower 48. The sun shines only 35 percent of the time and is seems like that all comes in the month of July.

It can be downright dark and gloomy for days on end.whitesalmon7

When Gwen and I moved here in 2005, I promptly purchased a light-box so jam-packed with lux, it hurts a little to sit by it at six in the morning. I bought it online from a mom-and-pop-shop in Alaska because I figured if anyone knows how to hack seasonal affective disorder (SAD), it would be them!

I call it my “happy lamp” because I am no longer SAD.

whitesalmon5Other factors like going “Paleo,” taking cod liver oil, and Vitamin D3 have helped kick SAD as well. But, one thing I re-realized on today’s family snowshoe, was that the white stuff is truly a light amplifier. Even on the cloudiest of days.whitesalmon3

Just a couple hours out in it and you feel recharged. Perhaps not like high summer, but pretty good for nearing winter’s solstice.whitesalmon4

Feeling lighter!whitesalmon6

2 thoughts on “Heavy snow, feeling light

  1. I remember early this spring, when a school in B’ham let out early because it was great weather, and the first anyone had seen in six months.

    I grew up in New England, where it snows a lot; we’d often wake up to find another foot on the ground, and after a bad storm we’d be stranded until our driveway was plowed. It seems to snow once a year in Seattle, and melt off the next day or so. I’m assuming Bellingham is pretty similar, we’re both very close to the salt water. These days I head into Mt Baker / Snoqualmie National Forest to get into the Christmas spirit, since the near constant drizzle doesn’t achieve that for me.

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