To play the slots or in the slot canyons? Hmm…

lvslotLast week Gwen and I flew direct out of Bellingham to Las Vegas, Nevada…for cheap. We were originally going to pull the camper Southward to a better chance of sun and possible warmth, but the 49th parallel is a LONG ways from anything resembling summer this time of year.lvpricklypearNow most folks when they picture a few nights in LV have visions of playing the odds fueled by too many cocktails under a tobacco haze and followed by unmentionable debauchery. After all, “what happens in Vegas…” Right?lvtrailNope, not for this square! With some research, we found out there were several phenomenal options for escaping the bright lights, big noise, big expense. My only wish now was for more time to explore the innumerable options.lvicescreamWe ultimately decided on two of the nearest parks to Vegas.lvredrocksValley of Fire State Park, an hour’s drive from Las Vegas, must be the coolest State Park on the planet! We were able to simply wander as whim struck. lvviewYou’ll notice we found relative warmth, but the sun was shrouded for the most part.lvvof2Still, the magic of the desert showed itself in splendid ways. lvrock2lvcactuslvcirclelvrockWhat really stole the show were the petroglyphs left behind by the Anasazi Indians. lvglyphsWhat stories were so important to tell that the agile scribes balanced precariously on steep slabs with hammers and chisels, or the like?lvglyph3Stay tuned for a quick tour of the Red Rocks Conservation Area…

7 thoughts on “To play the slots or in the slot canyons? Hmm…

  1. Yeah OSHA most likely would not have been amused with whatever system was being used to get those ancients up on those rocks! Happy y’all made it up out to Valley of Fire, its quite amazing!

  2. Valley of Fire State Park is on my list for 2014! Your pictures make me all the more excited to get out in that area. Wandering and exploring with no boundaries, and surrounded by endless natural beauty sounds right up my alley. Here’s to an adventure-filled 2014! Happy exploring!

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