An east Indian guy I met on one of my hikes said something very typically mystical when we got talking and sharing a cup of coffee…

He said it in his language, but I never got it first time, so he wrote it down for me in english parlance…..”Kis kadar khoob surat hai, tere deedar ki duniya…Meri nazron ki janat hai, zulfo rusaar ki duniya”

It sounded so magical, mystical and from another world, another existence even. And it’s really weird, but he had a kind of far-away look in his eyes, as if he was looking way into the future, not the present.

Of course, aside of what the words sounded like, I wanted to know what they meant. I asked him to tell me, but he looked at me and my partners, smiled and said someone will come to tell you what they mean soon….and with that, he…

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