Nettle Pesto

Focusing on my Physical Therapy Assistant program has meant zero income from my side of the equation since last autumn. Gwen and I have a deal: she brings home the bacon…I bring home the “A’s.” Of course, she likes to remind me of this imbalance whenever we are sharing a pots de creme at Chocolate Necessities and there is one spoonful left. nettle

Today, sans test result, I managed to earn my keep.

Not unlike dandelions, “stinging nettle” (urtica dioica), is conventionally considered a pesky weed that really does give a good zap when you are donning shorts and veering from the center of the trail.

Like the bitter green in your backyard, it is highly nutritious and even medicinal.

See this article in Mother Earth News for more benefits and history.

And like the familiar spinach, it makes an excellent pesto! Continue reading