Warm and dry in Red Rocks

This is the second and final installment from our short trip to Las Vegas where we chose to play in the slot canyons rather than play the slots. Here’s proof, however, that Gwen and I actually spent an evening on the “strip.” redrocksstripThe following morning, hangover-free and still “in the black,” we were raring to get to nearby Red Rocks Conservation Area. The warmth and dryness of which was easy to settle into.redrocksjosh Continue reading

To play the slots or in the slot canyons? Hmm…

lvslotLast week Gwen and I flew direct out of Bellingham to Las Vegas, Nevada…for cheap. We were originally going to pull the camper Southward to a better chance of sun and possible warmth, but the 49th parallel is a LONG ways from anything resembling summer this time of year. Continue reading