Mystical mushrooms?

I don’t know too much about wild mushrooms. The morel and coral mushrooms are the only ones I’ve been brave enough to cook up after a hike. I do know they are truly mysterious. Downright Smurfy, really! IMG_0440 Continue reading

Busy, busy; the end of spaciousness?

This week I’ve been working two jobs, dawn to dusk. That hasn’t left a lot of room for appreciation of the natural world or contemplation within an inner one. (Not to mention writing). There’s been barely enough time to notice what new is blooming in the yard; let alone, go for a hyke. Continue reading

Nearest trail to home, a survivor

We live in an area of the city that is zoned “light industrial.” This basically means there are businesses, usually on the arterials, mixed in with residences. Within two blocks of our house are: a hardware store, vet, grocery, chiropractor, brewery, bakery, barber, produce market, and trophy shop. (We only go there to buy eggs when our chooks aren’t laying, but that’s too hard to explain). Continue reading

Landscaping retirement?

I’ve shredded over a dozen pair of Carhartts over the years. Yeah, they are tough pants, to begin with, but with my line of work, inevitably end up compost. Its like they just reach a point one day and disintegrate right then, right there, on your person. Continue reading