Fall color in the Cascades

Gwen, the pups, and I got a chance to get a short hike in last weeked during a spectacularly vivid day. We didn’t get too far down the trail when a narrow ravine of cascading waterfalls let out a Siren call that we could not resist. fall color Continue reading


Climber finds jewels worth over $300,000

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 7.50.02 PM

My climbing partner and I once stumbled upon an outcropping of crystals at 9,000 feet and I thought that was pretty cool. Here’s yet another reason to get outside and look for pretty things:


I’m not sure I would have given them over to the “authorities,” but good on him for the honesty. Perhaps karma will return him some treasure.

A slaked thirst

A commonly held belief about the Pacific Northwest is that it rains all the time. While, admittedly, it does feel like that at times; those times lie primarily between the months of November and May, sometimes June. Currently we are in the middle of a full on drought. Continue reading

Gear: shelter

There is nothing quite as dreamy as sleeping out under the stars. It is magical to just be out there. There’s also nothing quite as dreary as waking up to a steady pitter-patter on your face or mosquitos buzzing your ear ready to raise welts. Continue reading