Twisp, WA; home of the Lorax?

I’ve always thought the town of Twisp, WA sounded like it belongs inside a Dr. Seuss book. And truly, the idyllic mountain town always seems like a fantasy-land whenever I visit. Having spent very little time there, my distant vantage probably polishes the tangible charm to a spectacularly bright sheen. panoThe Methow valley is sun drenched, yet green, thanks to its proximity to the Cascade Crest (where: West = wet & East = dry) and a steady supply of snow melt from the high peaks. Surely this area has ranked atop lists of best places to retire for eons. I love to head East from our spongey density to this more sparsely forested landscape. Continue reading

“Aloha ke akua”


Maybe its because I got to climb banyan trees at recess in the fourth grade and have swam in the Yucatan’s cenotes, but this song and video is tearily beautiful. Check it out if you like ancient pyramids, magical watering holes, and big cats…or just need some inspiration:

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Nurse logs and logging

In between spiraling arms of the low pressure system currently parked off-shore was a decent weather window.  The pups and I took advantage and headed to a nearby trail in the foothills. This particular loops around a lake and some beaver ponds. Higher up is a network of decommissioned logging roads.

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Gear intro

I must confess that as anti-materialism as I’d like to be known for, I am, for all intents and purposes, a “gearhead.” I spent hours pouring over glossy Mountain Gear catalogs back in the day when I was building my backpacking collection. I can still happily peruse the Seattle REI store for over an hour with no real agenda. Its weird, I know, but I feel at home amongst all the bear bells and emergency whistles. Continue reading