“Aloha ke akua”


Maybe its because I got to climb banyan trees at recess in the fourth grade and have swam in the Yucatan’s cenotes, but this song and video is tearily beautiful. Check it out if you like ancient pyramids, magical watering holes, and big cats…or just need some inspiration:


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Cosmic Patterns


Fractal – “Mandelbrot Set”

Nearly twenty years ago in Design class, I embarked on a project to recognize patterns in nature. I called it Natural Symmetry. I rubbed tree rings, drew leaf veins, and photographed dewy spider webs. The gist being that nature in birth, life or growth, and death follows a pattern that has definite form, but is never completely symmetrical. Balanced, yes. Rigid, no. Continue reading

Focal points and yoga

In the yogic tradition (my experience is with Hatha yoga, B.K.S. Iyengar Method), there is a concept, “From one body and many mind, to many body and one mind.” Awareness of subtle movements within our hundreds of muscles and dozens of joints attuned with breathing brings scattered thoughts to a point. Yeah, that stubborn aching point in the hip! Continue reading