Grocery-getter Goes to Galbraith Mountain

A mountain biking mecca, Galbraith Mtn has dozens of trails with new ones being built on the heels of loggers every month or so. There are all levels. I typically stick to the cross country style single track with dogs in hot pursuit.

With my old hard-tail in the shop and a clearing in the skies, I thought I would inaugurate my stout steel road/touring/kind-of-cyclocross/station wagon of a bike. wpid-wp-1430412962154.jpegStarted out on the gravel roads and it climbed beautifully with inverted tread 35 tires.wpid-wp-1430412960076.jpegThen I just couldn’t resist…wpid-wp-1430412953776.jpegwpid-wp-1430412951878.jpegEven on a wet day, the bike did surprisingly well. Slowly, but I never had to carry. Maybe that rack on the back gave some extra traction. Here’s the mud shot:wpid-wp-1430412944339.jpegPretty fun!!!

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