Baker River: Variation on an Old Theme

This had happened recently:

P1090120An old-growth Doug Fir just obliterated the previous log bridge with cable railing. As if to say, “You call THAT a bridge?! Try this!!!

So, we took the opportunity to deviate from the meandering trail and head down to the crystal clear and icy braided Baker River. Here’s Gwen doing the airplane to keep balance atop shifty cobble: P1090123There were many stream crossings:P1090184Leaving the trail afforded us this choice picnic spot:P1090143And world class views:P1090134

With literal cold feet we chose to head back a different, no-so-watery-way. Log bridges to the rescue! P1090194“Josh, are you sure?”P1090199This trail and non-trail remains one of my all time favorite places.P1090220

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