Truly a “mountain” bike…at Cutthroat Pass

I learned to ride singletrack on the sweeping bluffs of NE Iowa. While the network of trails around Decorah, IA were varied, fast, and full of solitude, they rarely offered views thanks to a dense deciduous cover. And until now, foothills in this mountainous West have been where my 2001 mtn bike has primarily traveled. P1070803P1070797

For the past 7 weeks, Ive been interning at a Physical Therapy clinic where panoramic views of the Cascades and poster-size maps of nearby mtn bike trails hang on treatment room walls. My kind of place! The therapists spend their downtime reliving their last adventure or scheming their next one via Google Maps. P1080016Land use restrictions mean that bikes, motorbikes, or pack animals must stick to designated areas, most of which are a multiple hour drive away. While at said clinic, I learned of a trail open to bikes (and horses) that climbs into the alpine and is not that too terribly long of a drive. P1080009 I was met with rain the second I pulled into the trailhead and the wet continued for about half the climb. This, of course, meant that I had to chose whether to be wet from inside-out (sweating inside rain gear) or outside-in. P1080050I chose inside-out and by the time I got out of the trees, the rain stopped.

Then started at the Pass in earnest. (At which point I nearly bailed).

Then it stopped. (At which point I went on a little photo shooting scramble along and above the PCT…sans bike as they are not allowed).P1080032P1080042



Then it started.

Then this:P1080046

P1080052Oh, and the way down was a riot!!!

Riot definition…n: “An unrestrained outbreak, as of laughter or passions.”

4 thoughts on “Truly a “mountain” bike…at Cutthroat Pass

    • Yes, totally worth it hiking or biking! In all honesty, the ride was a real challenge as I am not that strong of a rider, (way more fleet on foot), but it was my first time on a bike in the alpine and that made me pretty giddy.

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