Newest hike near town – “Rock Trail”

Last year I literally stumbled upon a trail as I was taking a famous (infamous?) Josh-style shortcut through the brush. It was obviously newly constructed judging by the freshly turned over and packed down dirt with neat piles of stones cast aside every now and then. (photos don’t do justice – taken with my not-that-smart phone)IMG_1083Today I found it again without really meaning to, though I did know of its existence this time. Its aptly called the “Rock Trail” and the pups and I made a nice 2.5 hour loop out of it. IMG_1075Truly, there were giant boulders at every turn.IMG_1067IMG_1076And the sandstone makes for easy carving by the ever-present drips from above.IMG_1069Kuddos to WTA and the organizers in Bellingham for designing and building this beauty! I will surely be back with a better imaging device!

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