No School! Nooksack River snowshoe instead.

An instructor who was scheduled to give four hours of lecture today came down with the flu, so classes were canceled. This coinciding with 55˚ and sunny means…you guessed it…a quick trip into the mountains!hp1I called up a buddy who was able to get out on short notice and we headed East. hp2Both of us, content with mellow, chose a forest road of packed snow to trek. hp8The road ends at a summertime trailhead and we were easily able to descend the river bank to a sunny gravel bar and have lunch. We talked of big cats, small business ventures, pyramids and urban homesteading. hp5All three dogs thoroughly enjoyed themselves! And I got to catch up with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while. I feel bad for my professor, but feel pretty good about what came out of the day. A much needed respite!

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