Baker Lake, or “Faker Lake”

While many of our friends in other parts of the country are enduring a deep freeze, we’ve been having one of the calmest winters in memory here in the Pacific Northwest. A friend of mine who is a kite boarder has been totally bummed by the lack of wind. So bummed, he spent the las three weeks in Florida rippin’ up the warm surf.BL16The other day, Gwen, the pups, and I headed to the finger lake above a dam called Baker on a perfect day. Originally, there was likely a spectacularly braided turquoise river that wound through this wide valley. This guess is educated based on the river that feeds this man-made monster.BL14Constructed in 1959, the dam raised the existing water level by hundreds of feet, to harness the power generated by all that gravity force. Miles of old-growth timber was harvested to make way for progress. Might as well since they would have just drowned anyway.BL15These are some of the hugest trees I’ve ever seen short of the sequoias and redwoods of Northern California, and many are thousands of years old. That’s as in pre change-over to the Gregorian calendar. Wrap your mind around that! Forget “if walls could talk”…these creatures are truly “ent-like.”BL17Make no mistake about it, this is deep, dank rainforest. Aside from the trail itself, you cannot find actual ground anywhere as there is a matrix of fern, downed logs, moss, and super-duff that seems to pile up as fast as it decomposes.BL7Not 100 yards from the trail for most of the trail is the beach. The fake beach, yes, but a sunny mildly warm, somewhat sandy beach nonetheless. BL12Yeah, this will work for January!BL10BL9BL4Wildcat tracks topped off the whole shebang.BL2So sorry Mid-West and North-East! But don’t worry, you will get your revenge in May.

3 thoughts on “Baker Lake, or “Faker Lake”

  1. I took my bike up north on Saturday and rode the Mount Baker Road. I’d only been there once before, in my car, for a backpacking trip on the Railroad Grade trail. A road bike takes a slower pace and I wind up taking in more of the scenery. There were a lot of peak-a-boo views, including the dramatic south face of Shuksan that appears in your photos. But for much of the ride, the rainforest feel was amazing and unshakable. It was a nice way to spend a cool, sunny, beautiful day. Sticking to the road, I didn’t get to see any wildcat tracks though.

  2. Gorgeous! I love the frost, and you & canine companions crossing the log. I guess that mild weather hit the dust today (stormy Seahawk Saturday!)! And thanks for the follow – I appreciate it!

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