Mystical mushrooms?

I don’t know too much about wild mushrooms. The morel and coral mushrooms are the only ones I’ve been brave enough to cook up after a hike. I do know they are truly mysterious. Downright Smurfy, really! IMG_0440

Today I spent some time on my mountain bike and thanks to a moderate speed, I was able to spy some fungal beauties. They just seem to appear out of nowhere; born from spores and fall rains. IMG_0442

Its wild to recognize that, depending on variety, these styrofoam-y entities can kill us, supply essential vitamin D, and/or grant spectacular visions. I’ve read some far-out sounding theories about how pre-historical man sautéd a different mushroom one day and voila, cave art.IMG_0448

Shamanic cultures wouldn’t think this theory too far-out. Many of them will say something to the effect of, “the plants told us,” when referring to how they attained certain knowledge.


Personally, I feel they are just fine left where they are waiting for the next beholder to wander by. But, if you are going to pick, then it’s important to know your ‘shroom!

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