Cosmic Patterns


Fractal – “Mandelbrot Set”

Nearly twenty years ago in Design class, I embarked on a project to recognize patterns in nature. I called it Natural Symmetry. I rubbed tree rings, drew leaf veins, and photographed dewy spider webs. The gist being that nature in birth, life or growth, and death follows a pattern that has definite form, but is never completely symmetrical. Balanced, yes. Rigid, no.


Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 11.46.23 AM

Fast forward to a sunny spring day last year where I was meditating next to a glacier-fed stream and focused my gaze on a point on a stone a couple yards away. I noticed a change in my field of vision as my thoughts calmed, breathing slowed, dust settled.

Bear with me here because it is difficult to explain. Essentially, a pattern emerged that was sort of like the 3D image flattened out and became 2D. Like when your eyes go blurry, only the point on the stone remained in focus. What came through was more geometrical. The trouble was, and is, that whenever I try and figure it out, it simply disappears. Back to a pile of rocks.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 12.59.59 PM

The pattern is both spiral-y (fibonacci might be a slightly more accurate term) like this cone-flower…and repeating like what has been termed the “flower of life.” “Toroidal” kind of fits as well.

I certainly don’t portend to know what it means, but it has made me even more aware of the course that growing things take. Interestingly, I’ve seen the pattern emerge from multi-colored berber carpeting as well.

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 1.22.00 PM

“Flower of Life”

One doesn’t find straight lines in Nature. Is it possible that there is an inherent energetic framework that the material world adheres to, like a train to a track? Is it possible that with a slight change in perception we can see into another layer of reality? An alternate dimension? Another frequency?


Toroidal shape

Brainwaves are typically measured by an EEG (electroencephalography) machine. The waves vary in frequency which is measured in Hertz. Common frequencies generally range from beta, alpha, theta, delta and correspond from excitatory to calm, a gross oversimplification, of course. There is a measurable difference in frequencies between an anxious state and a meditative or near sleep state. Could this mean that in some ways our brains can function like antennae and pick up certain channels? We talk about “tuning-in,” right?

Last Spring, my wife reupholstered some cushions patternswith some fabric that caught my attention. It is essentially the same pattern with parts highlighted and parts missing. It makes one wonder where these patterns, or symbols, originated. Have they been passed down and passed down from our ancestors? Could it be that they were more in touch with other realities?

Enjoy this most remarkable demonstration of fibonnaci spirals in nature:

EEG information source:

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