When Perspective Shifts, the Hidden Becomes Clear

Our glorious trip to Glacier National Park from my wife’s view:


This story relates to Alisa’s “Hidden” travel theme, but you have to read the narrative to make sense of the photos.

Josh and I spent our annual fall hiking trip doing something radically different: instead of backpacking into remote wilderness, we hauled a 1982 Coleman tent trailer to Glacier National Park, Montana, one of the most visited National Parks in the country, and spent a week hiking popular trails with (oddly) lots of people from Minnesota. We camped in a campground with flush toilets and potable water, surrounded by tents and RVs. Although I know this is what comes to mind when most people think of camping, it’s totally different from the camping we’ve been doing for 10 years, which involves carrying your bed, your food, and your house on your back and sleeping on the ground for numerous days in all sorts of weather. We felt like…

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