Nurse logs and logging

In between spiraling arms of the low pressure system currently parked off-shore was a decent weather window.  The pups and I took advantage and headed to a nearby trail in the foothills. This particular loops around a lake and some beaver ponds. Higher up is a network of decommissioned logging roads.


Now, as a card-carrying treehugger, I am vehemently opposed to logging. How we can just take and use up what took Mother Nature hundreds and even thousands of years to create is just plain ruinous. It is also ugly.



The pragmatist in me, however, is aware that rural communities around here don’t have many options for steady revenue. So, they turn to resource extraction. 

There are some upsides of logging for the hiker. For starters, most higher elevation trailheads are accessed by the roads that were built by timber companies. Suddenly, that strenuous alpine jaunt becomes a downright expedition without good access.

Also, the opening of the canopy allows for other native species to soak up the light and grow much faster. These troopers stabilize a shocked ecosystem and begin the healing process immediately.


Several species colonize this cedar stump


Flowering currant reaching for the light



The plants weren’t the only ones enjoying some vitamin D…IMG_0118

Noticed this guy right beside me after emerging from a meditation.



Until alternatives become mainstream, the timber trucks will roll on.

2 thoughts on “Nurse logs and logging

  1. I like the variety here – the snake, the clouds, the red current and the nursery log – they’re all becoming to familiar to me, as a transplant from NYC to the Pacific northwest. Than you for the follow – I appreciate it!

    • Thank you for the kind comments! I too am a transplant to the PNW from many places and have felt more at home here than anywhere else. Look forward to reading more of your posts and seeing more gorgeous photos!

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