Busy, busy; the end of spaciousness?

This week I’ve been working two jobs, dawn to dusk. That hasn’t left a lot of room for appreciation of the natural world or contemplation within an inner one. (Not to mention writing). There’s been barely enough time to notice what new is blooming in the yard; let alone, go for a hyke.


Sugar-snap peas in the greenhouse

I managed to slot in a brief barefoot run and water the veggie starts a couple of times.

I’m coming off a year of unemployment, so its catch-up time. The daily meditation that was relatively easy in that previously spacious and flexible schedule has disintegrated into fits and starts. How do we find the time to connect amongst busy lifestyles?

IMG_0010I recently found a new job, though I prefer to frame it as serving my community. This helps me to feel like its more of a choice, which it is, and less drudgery. Less like work.

Post landscaping retirement, I am driving a delivery truck for a small, local plant nursery. My truck is a rolling store of flowering annuals and perennials, herbs and veggies ready to be planted and nurtured to maturity. Sometimes I feel like the ice cream truck only with plants and no jingly music. Hmmm…maybe I should rig something up…

Occasionally, I’ll catch a whiff of rosemary or notice the first lobelia bloom of the season and be portal-ed into the present. That “moment” isn’t likely to happen if I am rushing and worried about whether I’ll have enough time to…whatever it is.

If you are wondering what gardening has to do with hiking, I guess it doesn’t really correlate too much. But, I will write about it on this blog because, like hiking, it feeds my spirit.  It just also happens to feed my belly!


Bolting collard greens

1 thought on “Busy, busy; the end of spaciousness?

  1. A whiff of rosemary really has that power to sit you back up in your mind, doesn’t it? Best of luck in the new endeavor – that it’s plants back there makes all the difference, I bet.

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