Nearest trail to home, a survivor

We live in an area of the city that is zoned “light industrial.” This basically means there are businesses, usually on the arterials, mixed in with residences. Within two blocks of our house are: a hardware store, vet, grocery, chiropractor, brewery, bakery, barber, produce market, and trophy shop. (We only go there to buy eggs when our chooks aren’t laying, but that’s too hard to explain).


Notice the big corporations looming over the tranquility. Fitting somehow.

There’s also a nice gravel trail flanking a creek nearby, but in order to get there you have to pass a couple gas stations, a car wash, a car dealership, two auto parts stores, and three fast food restaurants. We are also near the interstate, in case you hadn’t guessed. In fact, I can hear the so called “white noise” as I write this.

It takes sharper senses to perceive Nature during these five blocks, but it can be done.


Paper-bark Maple

In July of 1999, 277,000 gallons of gasoline spilled out of a pipeline, ingnited, and fireballed its way down the creek. Little was left alive. 5 years ago, the stream was reconstructed with an emphasis on flood prevention and salmon restoration.

Its shores are heavily planted with native species that are maturing nicely. This encourages wildlife and a harmonious and healthy ecosystem compared to the brambles that might otherwise monopolize the area. I’ve seen the salmon running up stream, witnessed herons, hawks, and eagles flying overhead, and heard beaver slapping the water surface with their tails.

Today the trail called and the following are images created on this, the second day of Spring.



Contented Robin


Oregon Grape




A squawking hawk



Last year’s thistle

Thank you to the trail builders!!! Thank you to Gaia!!!

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